Beat Bland with Brands and BizChanakya!

“Bro! Those Nike’s that you’ve got are FANTASTIC!”
“They sure are, Nike’s are Nike’s after all, aren’t they?”

The conversation is two friends that talk about the new shoes that the latter has bought. But are they? I did not hear the word ‘Shoes’ did you? He has bought a shoe from a store called Nike. Here, Nike isn’t just the merely the name of the store.

Nike is the name of the ‘Brand’.

What is a brand?

A brand is the name, symbol, design or any other feature of a business or a service which distinguishes it from the others of the same sort. Branding is a practice that is being practised since the dawn of human civilizations when people branded their cattle to differentiate and identify them from the other cattle.

Marketing Agencies all around, strive to create a striking brand for their clients. If a company is identified with their brand, that would be a Marketer’s success.

How does a Marketing Agency create a striking brand?

A brand is the brainchild of thorough analysis and strategy. A brand stands for what the company stands. It is a step-by-step process that should be done with utmost care because branding gives your company a meaning.

1. Create the logo and the look

Decide the look that your company is going to maintain. This includes the logo, the text, the colours, the themes, the graphics, the look of the website, the nature of the content et cetera, et cetera! For instance, Apple, that maintains an elegant and minimalistic look across all their products, packaging and website, is always about simple, effective and optimized products. When it comes to a logo, be it a simple dot, or a line, or something intricate and complex, it has to have a meaning. It has to stand for what your business is all about. The taglines and other content contribute in amplifying the meaning of your brand.

2. Maintaining the behaviour of your business.

Once the look and feel of the brand has been created, it is time to establish it to the consumer end of business. Your business should behave in accordance to your brand. The meaning, the taglines and the promise that is created with the brand should be communicated through to all the services and the products. With digital marketing and branding strategies, the marketers strive not just to establish the meaning of the brand, but also to create an appeal to the customers.

3. Maintaining the brand equity.

In the above conversation, the former recognized the shoes that the latter bought by the name of its brand. When a brand is recognized and favoured more than it’s services/products, this state is called Brand Equity. This is the zenith of a Marketer’s achievement. A marketer’s craft is successful only if Brand Equity is attained.

With the ever evolving world of today, there are about a gazillion businesses that are trying to establish their ideas through various different brands. Everyday sees the dawn of a new business idea that is kick started. The only way to the top is by communicating your brand effectively with the consumer and instigate a sense of trust and appeal.

How Digital Marketing can help branding.

Digital Marketing, is the new age marketing that has been creating successful brands. With its real-time analysis, customer relations, social media marketing, website development and Search Engine Optimization, one can establish their identity effectively. The idea is to be found first, always. Digital BizChanakya (, the digital wing of BizChanakya can take care of your branding needs while BizChanakya can protect it.

Like they say, a brand is a brand indeed. Craft your identity with an effective brand!

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