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Frequently asked questions

Best business ideas are mostly evolved from careful observation of the practical needs and difficulties of common man, further innovated by brainstorming and refinement in stages.

Protection of invention, pilot scale demonstration, validation, technical preparation to present, legal preparation to enter licensing or sale or investor agreement, international and digital marketing.

It is many folds cheaper than that of traditional marketing techniques like advertisement in Newspapers, Television and manpower based. Result and ROI are almost instant.

A consultant is an individual with specific field expertise, whereas a consulting firm is an entity with number of consultants and advisors in diversified business functions capable of resolving complex issues with the combination of skills.

Consultants typically address a specific problem and help a client find a solution to it, whereas advisers typically identify problems and guide the clients to know about possible solutions to select the best one.

It is not true that a legal advisor is required only to handle litigations or claims. What are all required for a business, need not to be right as per law - Legal advising required at business junctures to take decisions and handle contracts.