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Export Strategy

Product and services export – Easy but a puzzle, only few solve it.

Export traditionally started based on the supply demand gap between specific regions with less competition but facing challenges in shipping and communication. Later globalization and digitalization made shipping and communication much easier but brought heavy competition across the globe.

Tapping international market and product export is one of the best ways to increase the revenue and it may also bring lot of opportunities for product improvement and international collaborations and there is an increasing awareness about it. Export looks easier in today’s internet world and motivates many towards it, but only few succeed, why?

Careful study, tailor made preparations and effective strategies are the key to success – Unlock the export puzzles with BizChanakya.

Need exporting strategy for international business? Here’s what we do

  • Feasibility study for product or service export
  • Potential export market identification
  • Pricing strategy based on export statistics
  • Product preparation strategy
  • Shipping strategy
  • international marketing and digital marketing strategy