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International Marketing

International Marketing Strategy – The martial art of business

Many entrepreneurs step into international business with a tiny client base known from personal contacts and without knowing the art of international marketing to expand their client base further which is equivalent to get caught inside the “Padma Viyugam” like Abimanyu.

Comparing to the domestic marketing, international marketing is more complex and needs knowledge about policies and political stability of countries, more business functions like shipping, customs, insurance, international banking, third party inspection, statutory approvals, etc – Makes it tougher to startups and first generation entrepreneurs to understand and predict trends.

Business beyond boundaries – Now or then, a must to sustain growth

What can we do for International Marketing Management?

  • International marketing research and business analysis
  • International marketing strategy to increase client base
  • Entrepreneur Skill development to handle international marketing
  • Data Mining & Sourcing
  • branding strategy
  • export strategy
  • digital marketing strategy
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