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Intellectual Property Marketing

Commercialization of IP – requires on par skills and efforts of inventing it.

Commercialization of an invention or its Intellectual Property (IP) is different from product or service marketing and requires special skills, combination of skills, in depth knowledge about technical, commercial and legal aspects and involves additional business functions also.

Profoundly mentioned as one of the toughest marketing work that requires high degree of skills and real time experience. We have about a decade of on hands on experience on patenting (in India and US), commercialization of inventions, its process and procedures.

It is said to be “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana” – Act today.

What can we do for inventors on Invention or Intellectual Property?

  • Patenting Strategy
  • Feasibility study for commercialization of an Invention or IP
  • Commercialization strategy
  • Preparation for licensing the IP or
  • Preparation for selling the IP or
  • Preparation for investors to IP
  • international marketing and digital marketing strategy